Photography has become one of the loves of my life. It happily falls right after my husband, three crazy awesome girls, two dogs, three cats and the partridge in the umm, well, magnolia tree.

I was a professional dancer for many years so knowing the angles and lines of the human form is something that comes naturally to me. It was my job to be in front of the camera but I was behind it even more. I was that irritating girl in school who was constantly in everyone’s face taking pictures. Annoying then, but now they ask me if they can get copies.

And that’s how it started.

Friends, family, friends of friends all started asking me to do their portraits. So I did. I started shooting portraits and my business just grew like crazy. I never advertised myself as a wedding photographer but I was constantly asked to do them.

I was hesitant at first. I had been scarred by a wedding photographer and it stung each time I heard the word wedding.

You’ve heard that line “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned” right?

Yeah, well that’s mostly crap. Women are nice. However, a photography-loving bride whose wedding photographer totally let her down? Yeah, hell hath no fury for sure. My photographer did a totally rubbish job of capturing my wedding. This person was late, inappropriate, rude, and there were so many moments that were not captured and I can never get them back. The experience of being let down (severe understatement here) by this “professional” made me swear that if I started shooting weddings, doing my absolute best for each bride was the ONLY option. Turn it into a positive right?

Now that I’m the one that people are counting on, I carry that memory with me so I can make absolutely certain to:

  • Get those shots that truly matter to you (and to ask you for a list of them)
  • Help coordinate and corral people into shots in a way that keeps up the fun but that ensures that we get the shots we need before anyone escapes to the bar!
  • Add to and capture the real spirit of the event and the reception, both by mastering photo-journalist style photography and applying artistic composition and portraiture techniques to capture the emotion of each special moment

Meeting someone who has the same love for creating a photographic story of your wedding was the cherry on top! Ashley and I were instant friends. We balance each other and seem to push each other in just the right ways in order to become our best selves.  Hopefully, when we are old and gray, we will both be the annoying old bittys taking everyones picture as they cruise around in their walkers.

And that’s my story.