Remember Kodak disc cameras? Well if you don’t, you didn’t miss much in the quality department. I dragged mine all over my neighborhood for months taking pictures of everything! Cats, dogs, friends, unidentifiable objects that seemed cool at the time. I had a blast making those fun little moments permanent. That’s what photography does for me. It allows me to take the fleeting moments of life and make them mine forever. I cannot possibly own every beautiful thing I see or relive every moment that is dear. Yet when I take a picture of it, it is truly mine forever. So I use my camera to tell stories. I love to relive events and share how they have affected me and impacted my life. Weddings, births and everyday life are brimming with tales to be told.

Photography is a passion and great source of joy for me. It allows me to share my point of view with the world in an interactive and emotional way. I started shooting weddings the same way many people have. Which is to say, I took my camera to a friend’s wedding just to get some snapshots and ended up with better shots than their professional did. I didn’t get in the way, I just hung back and I shot what seemed like the more emotion fused moments. And voila, stories. Not a slam to the pro who was there doing their best, by the way! But I believe they reacted to my images more powerfully because they felt it was truly their spirit I had captured and not just a flat image. This is a much easier thing to accomplish when you know the person you are photographing. Talking with you on the phone, meeting with you before the wedding to chat about details and asking you the right questions make our work come to life. I have been shooting weddings for over ten years and have travelled all over the world documenting people’s love stories. The beauty of those days is always a delight and I love that no two stories are ever exactly the same, just like freckles. And oh, do I adore freckles!  If you have freckles and red hair, I may just swoon when you book us for your wedding!

So many of my past brides and grooms still keep in touch and I love that. They check in on Facebook and we get to watch each other families grow. It’s an amazing job and I love it.

Now for more about the “mad”ness… When I met Deanie it was love at first laugh! We both sort of looked at each other like “where have you BEEN all of my life?” Turns out we grew up orbiting in the same few square miles and never even knew it. But I’ll take finding her later in life over never finding her at all. Deanie is a true helper. She is always looking to see what she can do to lighten someone’s load. She takes on any and every hurdle with an energy and attitude that is simply amazing. So when I shot a wedding with her back in December, it felt like something we just needed to make into a permanent situation. Why work by myself when I could be partners with HER? It was a serious no brainer for us. Our philosophies about life, love and photography are so similar. Just live! Live each day to the fullest, do your best for people and the rest will fall into place. She helps me to do this and for that, I am forever grateful.